1st Regional Conference on Patient Informed Consent and Patient Confidentiality

International Code of Medical Ethics Regional Meeting

The International Code of Medical Ethics, a canon of ethical principles for the medical profession which was adopted in 1949 and most recently revised in 2006, is now in the process of being revised. As part of the revision process, the WMA has decided to hold a series of regional conferences in 2020. The Eastern Mediterranean Region host its conference in Kuwait, at the invitation of the Kuwait Medical Association, from 6th to 7th February, 2020.


About Conference

The 1st Regional Conference on patient informed consent and patient confidentiality, co-hosted by the World Medical Association (WMA) and Kuwait Medical Association, is a regional engaging dialogue meant to convene several regional and international physicians and experts to highlight and discuss several medical ethics issues that concern the medical community specifically on patient informed consent and ethical challenges in relation to it and patient confidentiality.

During the meeting, the WMA will present its recent work and review process of the international code of medical ethics to give the delegates an opportunity to inform the scope of the document. All participants are invited to engage in the critical conversations that concerns all physicians at a regional and global levels and showcase their efforts to address these issues within their clinical practice.


Dr. Ahmad Thuwaini AlEnizi

Conference Chairman