Dr. Ramin Parsa-Parsi

Dr Ramin Parsa-Parsi, MD, MPH, is the Head of the Department for International Affairs at the German Medical Association (GMA) in Berlin, Germany. Prior to joining the GMA, Dr Parsa-Parsi worked with Harvard Medical International in Boston, USA, as the Director of Health Policy. Dr Parsa-Parsi has been contracted as an expert on public health for the European Parliament and is currently the head of the German Delegation to the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME). He is a member of the Council of the World Medical Association (WMA) and a member of the WMA’s Medical Ethics Committee. He was appointed to chair international workgroups for the 2013 revision of the WMA Declaration of Helsinki, the 2017 revision of the WMA Declaration of Geneva and, currently, the revision of the WMA International Code of Medical Ethics.

Dr Parsa-Parsi holds a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University, obtained a doctoral degree at the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and received his MD from the University of Cologne in Germany, where he also did his postgraduate medical education in Hematology/Oncology. Dr Parsa-Parsi received additional training at medical schools and hospitals in the USA, France and Switzerland.